Brunes Platines

A whirl of feminine rebellion is resonating around the world including the music industry and more particu- larly the exclusive (masculine dominated) world of DJing. Why should DJing be a boys’club? In 2017, DJ Piste Noire incited and guided five women to create a feminine DJ group that would disrupt the patriarchal scene. Nina Mona, Tiguy, Lia Montaigne, Alba Canela and MøB are LES BRUNES PLATINES (The Platinum Brunettes). Mixing electric beats and other musical styles, these “late bloomers” in the DJing world believe that it’s never to late to fulfill their dreams. Having always been passionate about music, to now being completely immersed in it was the most obvious and natural decision they made. So how would you describe the ladies of Les Brunes Platines ? Confident, ambitious and talented with a twist of modernity. Busy and well organized days between work and for some, parenting, these ladies are driven. From the Caribbean, Latin America, France and Africa, each member has her own musical sensibilities and roots. Together, they designed their musical set like they would a voyage. Mixing styles and beats from afro- beats to house to nu-disco to latin house to down tempo and much more... Les Brune Platines, through their turntables, embark you on a musical journey where cultures and rhythms keep you grooving. There is indeed something for everyone in this musical diversity. Apart from being an innovative concept, Les Brunes Platines continue to master their musical selections and techniques thanks to countless events. They have even had the opportunity to open for international artists such as Stephane Pompougnac, Omar Hallex M, Helene Ting or Natasha Diggs. They have currently there residency at Cloud Rooftop bar in Martinique.
Roxxy Beach
Welfare Road #127 Simpson Bay,
Sint Maarten
For reservations:
Call: +1(721)520-2001

Hours: Beach 10am, Bar 11am, Restaurant 12pm
Service animals only please