Dina van Diest (March 19)

Friday, March 19, 2021

DINA van Diest is one of the upcoming female arrivals in the DJ world, originating from the city of Breda (The Netherlands), known for the male DJs that have become extremely successful internationally. DINA discovered the passion for house music when she had visited a number of festivals. This type of music makes people happy and she also wanted to convey that feeling to people, connecting with them through music. She has been spinning records since 2012 and also producing her own tracks. This vibrant lady is ready to make you move and dance to the sound of her melodic & uplifting (tech)house beats.

DINA started her music career by making music at various network/business events and clubs throughout the Netherlands but now she also performing in the international DJ scene. She played in well known clubs & festivals for example in Dubai, Ibiza, South-Africa and Mexico. To witness one of DINA’s sets is an experience that blows you away, makes you lose yourself completely in her music, and connects you with the people around you. Furthermore is DINA committed to giving a stage to young female DJs. With her own concept D-Light Sessions by DINA, she wants to show that there are excellent female DJs and give them a boost to their music career.