The Frenchies (June 12-13)

Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Frenchies project is more than just a name, it encompasses the unique partnership

between two French native DJs Chris Garcia and Flowfly.

Both born in the South of France, the two didn't meet until years later after moving to

the USA. Musically, they come from completely different backgrounds. Garcia’s house

music upbringing and Flowfly’s hip hop background make for a truly one of a kind

production collaboration.

In 2017, their release of “Narcos” was welcomed by everyone, with more than 3 million

plays on Soundcloud. Their production credits continue to add up with releases on Go

Deeva and Basica such as the EP “Party & Bullshit“.

When you see one, you usually see the other... and everyone says, “There go The